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During the meeting, the IRPF-PSE Innovation Awards (Pierre Fabre Research and Development Institute (IRPF) and the Phytochemical Society of Europe) will be presented. 

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Wednesday 28th June 2017

09:00-18:00: Registration
09:00-09:30: Coffee welcome
Welcome and Opening lecture Chaired by Dr C. Rivière and Prof. J-L. Hilbert
09:30-09:45: Dr Céline Rivière Welcome and Announcements

Prof. Jean-Louis Hilbert

Prof. Dominique Legrand

Introduction to Charles Viollette Insitute

Introduction to University of Lille1 (research coordinator in charge of biology and health)


Prof. Virginia Lanzotti

Dr Bruno David

Introduction to PSE

Introduction PSE/Pierre Fabre prizes

10:15-10:45: Prof. Virginia Lanzotti New trends in the research of natural compounds from classical analysis to metabolomics
10:45-11:15: Coffee break  
Session 1: Metabolomics - Dereplication Chaired by Prof. Francisco A. Macias
11:15-11:45: Prof. Rob Verpoorte Natural products research: Quo Vadis?
11:45-12:00: Ali Bakiri 13C NMR-based dereplication of natural products: computer aided methods for quick compound identification
12:00-12:15: Alexander E. Fox Ramos Prioritizing natural product diversity in three Alstonia spp. endemic to New Caledonia through massive multi-informative molecular networks
12:15-12:30: Antonio Azzolini MS-based metabolomic strategy to reveal induction of volatile and non-volatile bioactive compounds in a model fungal co-culture
12:30-14:00: Lunch   
13:30-14:00: Workshop 3D printing (see details in tab Social events and Excursion)
Session 2: Allelopathy - Metabolomics - Genomics Chaired by Dr David Gagneul
14:00-14:30: Prof. Francisco A. Macias Allelopathy: a new approach to the natural chemistry
14:30-14:45: Justine Chervin Deciphering the phylogeny of violets through a multiplexed approach: genetic markers combined to metabolomics and native volatiles profiling
14:45-15:00: Lucija Markulin Key enzymes and transcription factor involved in lignan production in L. usitatissimum L.
15:00-15:15: Hajara H. Alfa Pyrogallol is the main antibacterial compound in the aqueous extract of Boswellia dalzielii bark
Session 3: Metabolomics - TRanscriptomics - Plant Biotechnology Chaired by Prof. Miroslav Strnad
15:15-15:35: Dr Gerd Vanhoenacker Two-dimensional liquid chromatography in natural product research
15:35-15:50: Cédric Decourtil Characterization of pinoresinol reductases mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana, study of transcriptome and metabolome

Guillaume Bernard

Caffeoylquinic acids production in Hairy Roots lines of Chicory
16:05-16:35: Coffee break  
PSE/Pierre Fabre Awards Chaired by Prof. Virginia Lanzotti
16:35-17:05: Dr Bruno David New regulations for accessing your biodiversity samples – Practical advice
17:05-17:35: Prof. Francesco Epifano Novel modulatory agents of melatonin receptors from natural kingdom
    PSE/Pierre Fabre prize winner (Central Nervous System)
17:35-18:35: Poster Session 1
18:00-20:30: Welcome reception (local cheese and beer)
20:00-22:30: PSE SCM (Ascotel)

Thursday 29th June 2017

Session 4: Antibacterial agents - Gut microbiota Chaired by Prof. Thierry Hennebelle
08:30-09:00: Prof. Franz Bucar Intestinal microbiota - plant natural products interactions
09:00-09:30: Prof. Simon Gibbons Plants, Plasmids and Psychoactives: Hope Springs Eternal
09:30-09:45: Laetitia Bocquet Phenolic compounds from hops: fight against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
09:45-10:00: Ivana Turek Pilot study of metabolisation of an Arctic root extract by gut microbiota
10:00-10:30: Coffee break   
Session 5: Antimicrobial agents Chaired by Prof. Franz Bucar
10:30-11:00: Prof. Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq Interests of triterpenic derivatives as anti-parasitic and anti-microbial agents
11:00-11:20: Prof. Jacobus Eloff  Endophytes may be responsible for the outstanding activity of Melianthus comosus extract against eight plant fungal pathogens
11:20-11:35: Nicolas Wasser Antileishmanial activity of anthranoïds from Psorospermum genus (Hypericaceae) used in traditional medicine and their structural analogues
11:35-11:50: Ramla Sahli Antimicrobial phenanthrene derivatives from rhizomes of Juncus maritimus
PSE/Pierre Fabre Awards Chaired by Prof. V. Lanzotti and Dr B. David
11:50-12:20: Prof. Srijit Das Effective treatment of diabetic wounds with natural products
    PSE/Pierre Fabre prize winner (dermatology)                               
12:20-12:40: PSE AGM
12:30-14:00: Lunch
13:30-14:00: Workshop 3D printing
13:45-14:45: Poster Session 2
Session 6: Antimicrobial agents, propolis and lichens Chaired by Prof. Simon Gibbons
14:45-15:15: Dr Véronique Seidel Antimicrobial Properties of Propolis
15:15-15:35: Dr Ismed Friardi Sumatran lichens: inventory, phytochemical study, metabolite profiling of Stereocaulon and Cetralia and their antibacterial activities
15:35-15:50: Ana Freitas Evaluation of biological activities of propolis from Gerês (Portugal)
15:50-16:05: Aurélie Lagarde Phytochemical and biological studies of endolichenic fungi from the lichen Nephroma laevigatum
16:05-16:10: Johanna Duval  NEXERA UC - The ultimate tool in the Natural Product Research (Shimadzu)
16:10-16:40: Coffee break   
Session 7: Inflammation and natural products Chaired by Prof. Jianbo Xiao
16:40-17:10: Dr Stéphanie Krisa Prevention of brain aging by polyphenols from grapevine and wine
17:10-17:25: Veronika Leláková  Comparison of anti-inflammatory potential of prenylated & non-prenylated stilbenes
17:25-17:40: Zuzana Plavcová In vitro induced inflammatory response of LPS reduced with synergic effect of yeast glucan particles with curcumin
18:45-20:00: Welcome drink
(Town hall of Lille)
Introduction by Mr Jérémie CREPEL, municipal councillor in charge of health
20:15-23:30 Conference Dinner
(Hospice Gantois)
(see details in tab Social events and Excursion)

Friday 30th June 2017

Session 8: Chemopreventive and anticancer natural products Chaired by Dr Randolph Arroo
09:00-09:30: Prof. Satyajit Sarker Chemopreventive property of some species from the genera Centaurea and Gardenia
09:30-09:45: Dr Merve Yuzbasioglu Cytotoxic effects and the apoptosis mechanism of Arnebia FORSSK. naphthoquinones on various cell lines
09:45-10:00: Yollanda Franco Brazilian natural compound FLAV5: a promising anticancer drug
10:00-10:15: Anne-Sophie Champy Natural triterpene saponins to recognize autoantibodies in immune-mediated diseases
10:15-10:45 Coffee break   
Session 9: Chemopreventive and anticancer natural products Chaired by Prof. Satyajit D. Sarker
10:45-11:15: Prof Miroslav Strnad New purine anticancer drug candidates
11:15-11:35: Dr Kenneth Ritchie and Hiba Jasim Assessment of chalcones as cancer chemopreventive agents
11:35-11:50: Dicle Demir Cytotoxic phenolic compounds from Glycyrrhiza iconica
11:50-12:05: Janaina Artem Ataide Bromelain and Chitosan-Bromelain Antiproliferative and Antioxidant In vitro Activities 
PSE/pierre Fabre Awards Chaired by Prof. V. Lanzotti and Dr B. David
12:05-12:35: Florent Olivon Exploring the structural diversity and biological potential of extract libraries using multi-informative molecular networks
    PSE/Pierre Fabre prize winner (oncology)
12:35-14:00: Lunch
13:30-14:00: Workshop 3D printing
Session 10: Traditional medicine and bioactivities Chaired by Prof. Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq
14:00-14:30: Prof. Jianbo Xiao Functional Foods from Traditional Chinese Medicine
14:30-15:00: Dr Didem Sohretoglu Ganoderma lucidum – Lingzhi or Reishi mushroom – and Cancer
15:00-15:15: Dr Valentin Grigoras The phytochemical investigations of Ajuga reptans and Ajuga genevensis starting from ethno-pharmaceutical data
15:15-15:30: Kiss Tivadar Selective inhibitory activity on cardiac GIRK channels of new semisynthetic lipo-alkaloids
15:30-15:45: Ade Oyewole The Bio-activity and Efficacy of Personal Care Products with Extracts of Azadirachta indica
15:45-16:15: Coffee break   
Session 11: Phytochemical analysis Chaired by Dr Céline Rivière
16:15-16:45: Dr Randolph Arroo The contribution of phytochemistry in the development of a medicinal crop - A case study with Sweet worm wood (Artemisia annua L.).
16:45-17:00: Halima Meriem Issaadi Direct analysis of the formation of autoxidized derivatives of 20-hydroxyecdysone by capillary electrophoresis
17:00-17:15: Mohamed Vall Sidi Boune A simultaneous extraction and chemical modification concept: application for gossypol extraction and semi-synthesis directly from Cienfuegosia digitata
17:15-17:45: PSE Award Ceremony
17:45-18:00: Closing ceremony

Saturday 1st July 2017 morning

09:00-12:00: Visit of Lille downtown (see details in tab Social events and Excursion)
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